Pretty much everyone who knows me thinks I am super blessed. I however struggled to feel it. I was grateful but I feel I did not take a moment to recognise how far I have come from.

Well that was until I was on the floor struggling to breathe. I am a healthy young lady, but for the first time in my Life, I forgot how to breathe. I packed my bags and chose to go visit My Parents for a month.

I am little bit traumatised with what people are carrying in their hearts. Everyday I remind myself that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The major thing that comforts me is believing that God is stronger and He is walking with me.

I am unsure about a couple of uncontrollable situations. I am however doing my best to control what’s in my hands. I’ve had to drastically change plans out of no choice. If I am honest with you, it feels like I am being forced to grow up in ways I was not ready for.

Ironically though, it’s through this rough patch I am able to truly recognise how blessed I am. A couple of the things that had distracted me from counting my blessings have been de-prioritised.

In a nutshell, when you are in a position where things that matter to you feel like they are crumbling down, you have no choice but to seek assistance from what is working. It’s exactly at that point that you pay attention to the good you have been ignoring.

Losing helps you count your wins! The fact that you can even smile is a reason to be grateful, thank God always!

This post is dedicated to students and recent graduates who may be struggling with jumpstarting their dreams and aspirations. I understand this is a Marketing blog, it’s however my plan to remind my readers to practise mindfulness in their day-to-day activities. You are not always going to have your career, but you will always have your memories, make them count.

Life is a gift. You can enjoy the good bits or you can choose to focus on the negative. Either way, the good can not exist without the bad, embrace the pain for it’s a sign of Life. As my Primary School friend put it ” Shed off and endure the pain that comes along, not because it is good but because it is necessary. Sometimes, it is out of our deepest pain that the true conviction, of the peace, love and presence of God, is experienced.

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