Strathmore Marketing Class of 2017, Congratulations!

2 years ago I was in the same exact position you are in today. I will be honest, I did not enjoy my graduation day as much as I should have. So the first thing I am going to advise you today is to take time to really enjoy this achievement. Whether there are 500,000 students graduating this year, that should not stop you from thinking you are special. The truth is, you are!  You really are! Whether you got a first class or a pass, you are indeed special. Kenya has one of the largest educated population in Africa, and without you, we would not be boasting about this! Look at you, a Strathmore Graduate, take time to enjoy this day.

You may be wondering why I did not enjoy my graduation day as much as I should have. .I really do not know whether I enjoyed it or not,  but that is the point. I over thought this day. I used to say that I am waiting for my graduation day more than my wedding day – and that’s a big deal because I am a hopeless romantic. On that note I should mention that I am turning 25 in a few weeks and I am open to meeting great guys looking to settle down. Just putting it out there.

Now if you are like me, you need to stop over thinking this day. Do not upload happy pictures on Instagram and Facebook if deep inside you are not happy about this day. Do not hashtag #WeMadeIt #StrathmoreGraduation2017 if deep inside you are not truly celebrating this great milestone.  Looking back I only uploaded one picture from my graduation day. I couldn’t upload any more pictures because deep inside I was over thinking and I did not want to lie to myself or others. I will say this though, my picture got 500+ LIKES and I wondered why so many people were proud and happy for me yet I was not feeling the same way. I wanted to be happy, but I struggled to be.

In a way I understand the position I was in. I always thought that I would get a job after graduation and was looking forward to tarmacking. Ideally I hoped to get an internship at Unilever earning a salary of 10,000Kshs. I was rather humble with my salary expectations. I however joined Google in 2014 and months before my graduation, I had already secured a full-time role in the same company earning a salary I thought I would be able to get by the time I was 30. Well that’s great news, but the thing is, I had already envisioned getting a job after graduation. God had opened doors, but I was so fixated on how I thought my graduation would be. I hope you realise that sometimes we spend so much time thinking about how things should be and when God opens that door, we often don’t take time to enjoy His favour.

And so my question to you today is – Are you ready to enjoy God’s favour?

You may not have a job at a multi-national like I did. Others in your class may have jobs you wish you had. You may not have graduated in the manner you thought you would. But that’s the thinking you shouldn’t have, for the Lord has granted you His favour. How many students have dropped out of school because of fees? How many students have Parents that would not sacrifice a luxurious lifestyle to take their child to Strathmore University? Before you sit there  on the graduation square and think how things are not as you thought they should have been, this is your chance to change what I can not – enjoying your graduation day!

Enjoy the parties your Families plan for you, I remember my Family surprised me with 2 cakes because my birthday was approaching. Family and Friends were genuinely happy for me, morose because I was leaving for Dublin soon after. I remember wondering how I did not even take time to plan anything. My Family literally did everything for me, I guess I was overwhelmed with the fact that I would be relocating from the country. A lot was going on at the same time, but I still think I could have enjoyed my graduation day without over thinking!

I hope I have managed to convince you to enjoy today. I mean I dedicated a whole blog post to just doing that. It’s extremely important  that you learn to do this today. As you become an adult there will be more than enough situations where you will be tempted to compare your journey with others and consequently missing the opportunity to be aware of God’s favour.  And that’s how people end up depressed or unhappy about their current situations.

And for anyone else that is not a Marketing Graduate or Strathmore alumni for that matter, I believe the blog post applies to you. It’s my sincere hope that you have learnt something important today. I do have another blog post prior to this one where I share my journey on how I fell in love with digital marketing. I think you should definitely read it because you may think digital marketing is not for you. But once you discover the power of technology in solving diverse challenges in Africa today, you will wonder how on earth you thought it was not meant for you. I’d encourage you to read it as you stand a chance to change something else today.

As of what to expect next, I will publish a third blog post which would focus on areas Marketing students and graduates in Africa should prioritise. I have learnt a lot at Google in the last 3 years which I must say is not taught in school, it’s my duty to share it with you so that you too can prosper in digital marketing. Stay tuned my people, feel free to leave your comments below, they go a long way in motivating a blogger to keep the blog posts coming!

Until then, enjoy today! With love all the way from Dublin!

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beckywairimu · June 30, 2017 at 10:15 am

I really hope I see this again next year as I graduate from Strath with a marketing and HR degree. Thank you.
I also really look up to you.

    AfricaWebMarketing · June 30, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Helle Becky, please feel free to remind to do a blog post and I will 🙂

    This blog post was published as a result of a Strathmore Alumni requesting me to do a blog post for them!

Santa · July 1, 2017 at 5:36 am

Thanks for posting this…. I will be graduating in 2019(God willing) from Strathmore with a marketing degree and I hope to enjoy it then as you have advised

    AfricaWebMarketing · July 1, 2017 at 7:41 am

    I am happy you have started reading my blog early, I wish I read a similar blog when I was your age (I am only 25 and speaking like I am 50)

    Let’s enjoy this beautiful journey together, thank you for subscribing 🙂

Salome Ayugi · July 1, 2017 at 7:47 am

Such a great post! Very enlightening!

    AfricaWebMarketing · July 1, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Thank you for your comment Salome Ayugi!

Bernadette Awuor · July 4, 2017 at 12:28 pm

Graduating Next year June – KU, Bcom Marketing option.Thanks for your willingness to share with us.God bless.

    AfricaWebMarketing · July 4, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    You are welcome Bernadette Awuor 🙂

Timothy Mambo · November 22, 2017 at 6:10 am

Hi, such a very inspiring journey, transitioning from school into the job market. Wow I just read through your article and I’ve realized that dreams really come true. Am graduating next year from Cooperative University with B. in Cooperative Business (Marketing option).
Grateful for where I have reached currently as I pray for a smooth Graduation come 2018

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